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Hello! Welcome to Wild Child Inc Prints. I'm Melissa & I love creating bold & iconic prints to brighten up your walls.

I've been creating digital art for over 15 years, starting way back on my personal blog in the early 2000s. In 2020 I decided to bite the bullet and open my Etsy shop so here we are!

Each of my print designs is inspired by the things that I love - bold typography, vibrant colours and equality for all. Each print is designed in my bedroom in Scotland on my iPad and using Photoshop for the finishing touches and I usually have a cat curled up on my lap when I'm creating!

Recently I branched out into creating greetings cards after being asked by a family member to design their Christmas cards because they were fed up buying generic ones from the shops!

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a lot of my designs are heavily inspired by equality & rainbows, for which I make no apologies. Rainbow's make everything better.


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about wild child studio

Born in 2020, Wild Child studio is the home of queer graphic designer Melissa Gray, who found it difficult to find LGBTQ+ art prints to decorate her new home!

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